“Tomorrow was so different, so appealing”

In her exhibition „Tomorrow was so different, so appealing“ Alexandra Hopf triggers the view into a future paradoxically envisioning the past. The show comprises paintings and objects resembling artefacts of a past avant-garde. They can be seen as surviving images incorporating the opposite of the perfect moment, pregnant with potentialities as they reveal in “retrospect” what this epiphanic moment had in “prospect.“ Yet these artefacts do not merely signal decay but also a certain imaginative perspectivism in its hopeful and tragic dimension.
Beyond its interest for individual memory and psychoanalysis, Alexandra Hopf’s work questions the construction of art history. By revisiting the œuvre of renowned artists of the Surrealist, Constructivist or Minimalist avant- gardes, it underlines the prevalence of male figures in its narrative and investigates the creation of myths, as well as the discourses that tend to define the identity of an artist.