(1985. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Lives and works in New York


2012 : History of Art Post Baccalaureate Studies, Columbia University, New York.
2009 : Master of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, New York *with Distinction.
2007 : Bachelor of Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. 

Selected Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2023 : “ T ransient Territorie s ” , two – person show, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London, England
2022 : “ Origens ”, Galeria Silvia Cintra + Box4, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2021 : “The Echoes in My Mind,” Sobering Galerie, Paris, France
2020 : “at HOME ,” Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, New York, United States
“Fragmented Truth ,” Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London, Engla nd
2019 : “Mind Road,” Amelie Maison d’Art, Paris, France
2018 : “Horizonte,” curated by Fernanda Lopes, Caixa Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil
“Coisas da Vida,” Casa Nova Art arte e Cultura, São Paulo, Brazil
2017 : “Passage,” Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, New York, United States
“Escape,” Le Magazyn, Los Angeles, United States
2016 : “Threaded,” cu rated by Keren Moscovitch, Flatiron Project Space, New York, United States
2015 : “Sketch for Nothing,” curated by Gisela Gueiros, Special Projects, New York, United States
“Beyond,” curated by Mario Gioia, Fauna Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
2013 : “Beast,” curated by João Guarantani, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Roots”, curated by Raphael Fonseca, Barracão Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011 : “Two People and One Hundred Places,” curated by Guilherme Bueno, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2010 : “American Home,” PS122 Gallery, New York, United States
2009 : “American Home,” Pratt Institute Gallery, New York, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions

“Just Breathe”, curated by Felipe Hegg, Mana Contemporary, Miami, United States
“Like Nothing Else in The Universe,” virtual show, WTF? Platform, Worldwide

“Fogo!,” curated by Efrem Zelony – Mindell and Carla Maldonado, SoM ad, New York, United States

“Barraco Bom,” 55SP A rt S pace, São Paulo, Brazil
“Between the Legible and the Opaque ,” curated by Adler Guerrier, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami , United States
“ A Meeting with Erna Schilling,” Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, New York , United States
“Delirious Cities ,” curated by Matthew Leifheit, Aperture Foundation, New York, United States
“Profound Movement ,” curated by Shane Lavalette, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, United States
“Tropical Gardens,” curated by Julie Dumont, Felix Frachon Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“Paraiso,” Gericke + Paffrath Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

“Alibi,” Emerging Talents Festival, Mattatoio, Roma, Italy
“Nothing In Isolation,” curated by Gisela Gueiros, Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, New York, United States
“Gute Bekannte,” Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London, England
“LAND+BODY= Escape,” curated by Tatiane Schilaro, NARS, Brooklyn, United States
“LAND+BODY = Escape,” curated by Tatiane Schilaro, Miami, United States
“Nós/Ninguém,” Casa Nova Arte e Cultura, São Paulo, Brazil

“Image as Object,” Sotheby’s Institute, New York, United States
“Fragmento, In – Process,” curated by Tatiane Schilaro, Brooklyn Bru sh Gallery, Brooklyn, United States
“O Silêncio Banal e a Pausa,” Centro de Cultura Laura Alvim, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Library of Love,” curated by Sandra Cinto, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, United States
“Another Gesture,” curated by Cynthia Cruz e Tatiane Schilaro, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, United States
“Displacement,” Curated by Gabriela Davies, Jacaranda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Alternative Facts,” Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn, United States
“Displacement,” curated by Gabriela Davies, Ugly Duck’s Off Quay, London, England
“Neither – Nor,” curated by Paula Terra, Terra Arte Gallery, London, England

“Gabinete Contemporâneo de Curiosidades,” curated by Marco Antonio Portela, Galeria Oriente, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
“Mutable Archives,” curated by Gabriela Davies, Gallery 32, London, England
“Procession,” curated by Gisela Gueiros, Michael Foley Gallery, New York, United States
“O Muro: Rever O Rumo,” Central Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil
“Coleções 10,” curated by Nessia Leonzini and Lui Lage, Luisa Strina gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
“20,” curated by Daniela Name, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Group show, Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, United States
Foam Talent 2014 Exhibition, East Wing Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
“In – dissonance,” The John Slade Ely House (Center for Contemporary Art), New Haven, United States
Foam Talent 2014 Exhibition, L’Atelier Néerland ais, Paris, France
“ Eat The Food, Not Its Name,” Clemente Soto Velez Center, New York , United States
“Salão de Pinturas,” Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Constructions for Nowhere,” curated by Luisa Duarte, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, R io de Janeiro, Brazil
New Collections Project, Orlando Lemos Gallery, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Coletiva12, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
MACAA Members Juried Exhibition, Michigan, United States
Coletiva11, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Some Place Like Home,” Daniel Cooney Gallery, New York, United States

Awards and Residencies

Nominated for PIPA Prize, Brazil
Further On Artist in Residency (FOAIR), Hamptons, United States

Photoworks, Festive Commission, England
Every Woman Biennial, 1st NFT Biennial Open Call, United States

Pablo’s Birthday Verbier Residency, Switzerland
Aperture Foundation, Summer Open, New York , United States
Houston Center for Photography, Center Annual Artist, Houston, United States

Caixa Cultural Open Call, São Paulo, Brazil

AnnexB Residency, Brooklyn, United States
Tappan Atelier Residency, Los Angeles, United States

Displacement Project Open Call, London, England
Residency Unlimited Finalist (open call for NY artists), Brooklyn, United States

Foam Talent Prize, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jardim do Hermes Residency, São Paulo, Brazil

Barracã o Maravilha Residency, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SVA Summer Residency, New York, United States
CCNY Annual Juried Competition (Honorable Mention), New York, United States
Mid – America College Art Association Open Call, Michigan, United States

Gari mpo (finalist), Dasartes Magazine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PS122 Prize, New York, United States

Special Projects

2022 – a ppr oc he, solo project, with Sobering Galerie, Paris, France (Novembre 2022)                                  2021 – Folie à Plusieurs, Custom fragrance, “HOPE”, United States
2021 – SWAB, Curatorial section, Spain
2021 – GAP, Gifted Artist Program, United States
2021 – Brazil Music Summerfest, Art projection curated by Gisela Projects, Brooklyn Bridge, USA
2021 – “Platano Maduro,” Single cover, Jimena Angel, Elis Records, Colombia/Worldwide
2020 – “Earthquake,” La Pera Projects, United States/Worldwide
2020 – “Rio de Janeiro,” ANIMALE, Brazil
2020 – Artsoul Collectors Club Program, Brazil
2019 – “Wassermusik: Black Atlantic Revisited,” Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Germany
2019 – Curatorial project, SPRING/BREAK, United States
2018 – “Le Goût de l’Iode,” Air France, France/Worldwide
2018 – “Ocean Line,” Hermès, France/Worldwide
2017 – “Mental Object,” TAPPAN for PST LA/LA, United States
2017 – “Rhythm,” Superior Elevation, United States
2017 – “Palm Tree,” Unseen, Netherlands
2017 – “Outsider,” ArtLima, Peru
2017 – “Another Time,” Red Bull Music Academy, Brazil
2017 – “Outro Tempo,” Music From Memory (Record Label), Worldwide
2014 – Billboard 2×2, Unseen X Foam, Netherlands

Artist Book

2022 : Hatje Cantz , Remains – Tomor row: Themes in Contemporary Latin American Abstraction editied by Cecilia Fajardo
2019 : “Playground,” published by Editions Bessard


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