Angélique Chesnesec understands and accepts the vulnerability of the materials she uses, in this way, she reveals all their sensitivity.

The artist recovers her materials from scrap dealers and recycling centers. She has an interest in leather, linen, copper and steel which guide her in her creation. Angélique Chesnesec combines these rejects in a skilfully orchestrated way, so that it seems impossible to us to imagine them dissociated.

Like Richard Serra and his works of rusty and rough steel but of impressive finesse, Angélique Chesnesec bends sheet metal and hammers steel. This brutal gesture results in a delicate work that looks like lace. The leather slips into steel rods and is suspended in space with a disconcerting lightness. The steel shavings come to express themselves in the middle of the copper wires, making their noisy and violent design forget.

Angélique Chesnesec has a deep respect for the materials she uses and it shows in her works. They are touching, vulnerable but powerful. She manages to transform industrial objects into works of art.

Angélique Chesnesec