As an international DJ producer, Dan Ghenacia, part of the trio Apollonia, has traveled around the world for more than 20 years.

Through his marathon DJ sets, Dan Ghenacia orchestrates an experience that transcends time, inviting listeners to forget reality and lose themselves in the music’s embrace. The DJ producer offers musical immersive experiences to his audience. He gives as much attention to raising the arms of the audience in the air as he does to closing their eyes.

Dan Ghenacia’s creativity doesn’t stop at the turntables. As a visual artist, he’s committed to resurrecting the profound sensations evoked by his music through his artworks. His pieces serve as a portal back to those moments of immersive bliss, inviting viewers to close their eyes in appreciation of his artistic expression.

Together with other talents, Dan Ghenacia created a multidisciplinary art project “Alpha Wave Experience”, exploring generative art, design and immersive 3D sound.

Going a step further, Dan Ghenacia also partnered with neuroscientist Dr. Teixeira to study his artworks’ neurological impact. His artworks have shown promise in modulating brain activity and promoting relaxation, focus, and other cognitive states.

His physical art pieces have been exhibited around the world with great success, inciting curiosity among all those involved in the art world. His first exhibition was presenting “The Clock”, a collectible artwork, in Colnaghi, one of London’s oldest galleries in the world, showcasing art masters such as Dali and Miró.

Commissioned by Fabrice Bousteau, Editor-in-chief at Beaux Arts Magazine, his second art piece «The Oracle» was a large immersive installation exhibited at the air fair « Le Serpent Cosmique » at the Musée de l’Hospice Comtesse during Lille3000, and later exhibited at the Foire Foraine d’Art Contemporain in CENTQUATRE-PARIS, and at El Silencio in Ibiza. Last year, 75,000 people experienced «The Oracle».

Dan Ghenacia creates a sense of continuity in his creative journey. Through his immersive creations and boundary-pushing DJ sets, he invites us to explore the intersection of music and art.

Whether you’re on the dancefloor or in front of his artworks, Dan Ghenacia’s work promises a journey beyond the ordinary, where time and reality blur, and the spirit of the underground thrives.