In Brincadeiras, everything I work on comes together on different levels” José Gomes explains. His work is to be understood as an exploration of nature, or as a motif and a search for the motifs of nature. To this end, José Gomes links photography and drawing, more specifically aerial cartographic views linked to geometric shapes drawn with pencil. He then operates a total association between elements derived from wood, through the raw material for support, paper for his photographic prints, and graphite for his drawings.


José Gomes, Serie Taba, Botocudo (3/17), 2021, digital printing, pencil and stamp on paper,             32 x 21 cm
José Gomes, Spielerei 13, 2019 (four parts), photo transfer and pencil on paper on stained wood, 29 x 20 x 3 cm (each)
José Gomes, Spielerei 33, 2020 (in four parts), photo transfer and pencil on tainted wood, variable measures, five variations of composition, 30 x 25 cm (each)