Pierre Antonelli’s abstract drawings are about a new form of writing, whose language is not evoked by words and sounds but by points, lines, and other geometric shapes. Through a complex assemblage of forms, the artist studies the possibility of the relationship between the motif and its medium and produces a singular reflection on the placement of the void and transparency. The expansion of movement by the gesture that we guess leads to constructions that are familiar, yet strange, whose final form is made possible by the involvement of the imagination and the psyche of the beholder.

Pierre Antonelli’s works are presented as abstract compositions in which geometric forms intertwine to form a complex whole, unified by the artist’s repetitive gestures. The ensembles thus constructed are both strange and familiar, proceeding from a repertoire of known forms that nevertheless mobilize the viewer’s consciousness and imagination. Antonelli’s choice of abstraction is not insignificant, and the painter considers that no work is free of interpretation. He explains that “you can’t help but interpret, whether it is to justify a practice or to merge it. How many seek to see what is not shown by the drawings?