• Codes Couleurs

sobering galerie has chosen to listen closely to Apollinaire who, in 1913, had said that “Today, I love art because I first and foremost love light, and all men love light before all else, having invented fire”. The current exhibition offers a varied/miscellaneous display with Korean artist Moon-Pil Shim’s works, recognizable through their kinetic effects and linear colours. Colours can also be found in south-african artist Anine Kirsten, who plays on perception of volumes in a digital universe. In another style, Thomas Andrea Barbey displays his vision of light through his artworks, situated between pointillism and Mec’Art. Regarding Luke Dowd, his illustration of light is achieved through the reflections of a black and white diamond. Through architectural details, Etienne Gayard puts the spotlight on the city all the whilst deforming it. In that sense, his works reach towards abstractism and the urban becomes simultaneously surreal and intriguing. 

Baptiste Léger

Vue de l’exposition Codes Couleurs.
Luke Dowd, Untitled Gem (black and white), 2006, spray paint on paper, 137 x 197 cm.
Moon-Pil Shim, sans titre, R20039, 2004 – 2020, mixed technique under plexiglass,                 31 x 43 cm.
Etienne Gayard, Sans titre, 2021, acrylique sur toile, 146 x 114 cm.
Moon-Pil Shim, sans titre, R20037, 2020, mixed technique reflected on paper, 102 x 75 cm.
Anine Kirsten, Transluminescence Diamond n°04, 2021, neon light, aluminium, film, 85 x 85 x 8cm