Pico Garcez (b. 1963, São Paulo, Brazil),  fell in love with Photography, Iconography and Painting early in life, while playing and tinkering with his first camera.  As he matured, he deepened his understanding of the freedom that came from looking at the world with an intuitive eye and was inspired to seek greater aesthetic challenges, exploring such subjects as solitude, reflections of emptiness, and environmental pollution.

His diverse experience in the visual arts includes: Photography, Filmmaking and Video Mapping Content.  Working as a producer and photographer gives him a comprehensive understanding of the production process and further enhances his skills as a director. Garcez is the recipient of multiple awards from The Art of the Intuitive Photography Institute in New York and The Circle Foundation for the Arts. His photographs are in the permanent collections of: The Rio Art Museum, (MAR), Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (MAM-BA), and the Museum of Photography of Fortaleza (MFF) as well as notable private collections throughout the world.

Pico Garcez est un artiste représenté par la galerie sobering à Paris.
Pico Garcez, Porte de la Ribeira, 2024, photography, 60 x 45 cm (ed. 1/5)
Pico Garcez est un artiste représenté par la galerie sobering Paris
Pico Garcez, Piscine Rose, 2018, photography, 110 x 73 cm (ed. 1/5)