Pico Garcez (b. 1963, São Paulo, Brazil), discovered his calling early in life. He fell in love with
Photography, Iconography and Painting, refining his gaze as a child by playing and tinkering
with the gift of his first camera. Practicing freedom of look and intuition, seeking aesthetic
challenges linked to the observation of the image in subjects such as solitude, reflections of
emptiness and behavior. His diverse experience includes : Photography, Directing Music Videos,
TV Spots, and  Documentaries.  His work as a producer and photographer gives him a comprehensive
understanding of the production process and further enhances his skills as a director. Pico has been
honored four times by The Art of Intuitive Photography Institute in New York and Circle Foundation
For The Arts. His photographs are in the permanent collections of: The Rio Art Museum (MAR),
Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (MAM-BA), and Museum of Photography of Fortaleza among other
international collections. He is represented by galleries in New York, Paris, São Paulo, and Salvador