After a cinematographic career, Brice Blanqué chose to turn himself towards a different artistic practice by entering the Beaux-Arts of Paris, from which he graduated in 2021. His work presents itself as an open window on interiors from which an odd feeling radiates. Human bodies seem to merge with the setting, and their delicate transparency makes it possible for the viewer to perceive human presence through its immateriality.


Brice Blanqué, Blow out, 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas, 116 x 89 cm
Brice Blanqué, Fragment 1, Huile et acrylique sur bois, 2023, 41 x 35 x 3 cm


Brice Blanqué, La carte et le territoire, 2021, oil on canvas, 116 x 89 cm
Brice Blanqué, Rear window, 2022, oil on canvas, 130 x 97 cm. (UNAVAILABLE)