Elisabeth Lincot, multidisciplinary artist, is just like her work : under a visible softness, an unshakeable intellectual strength. From her youth, drawing accompanied Elisabeth, followed by the practice of ceramics, which she later perfected at the Beaux-Arts in Paris.
A technique that marries her philosophy of the art and makes her singular imaginary concrete. The intimacy with clay, her quintessential creative material, gets her closer to a sometimes forgotten tactility of the visual arts. Modeling allow her to volumize representations that she begins with drawing. Never acquired, the relationship with the material is like a dialogue or a fight for the artist, a “balance of strengths”, she will say. The long process linked to ceramic is seen as a journey of humility, punctuated by surprises following successive firings.
In the end, it is like a compromise with chance, reminding us of Thomas Lesigne’s approach to watercolor. Elisabeth Lincot’s themes range from the animal kingdom to the childhood’s one, on the edge of the domesticated or socialized world. We are constantly troubled by this dream-like strangeness. The artist’s thoughts reflect contemporary issues, in tune with reality without evacuating the poetic dimension. The theme of birds that occupy a major place in the exhibition is the vector of a meditation on science and the human relationship to its ecosystem. A scientific program aims to study many bird species’ behavior, in which the “errand knight”, approaching natural disasters. Or when the most advanced science meets ancient omens.
Birds, these animals at the crossroads of ancestral myths and contemporary issues, vector collectif imaginary, fascinate Elisabeth Lincot. Sometimes, these are only birds head that the artist brings out the walls like hunting boards. Some other times, wings mingle and form sculptural masses, flights in suspended time.
However, the seduction of the material does not fade in favor of the discourse. On the contrary, the viewer is charmed by the virtuosity of the shapes, the interplay of shine and dullness of the enamel, the textures that spread like a melody and the frank or uncertain colors.

Explongeon #1
Elisabeth Lincot, Explongeon #1, 2021, Céramique émaillée, 49 x 25 cm
Bulleuse #6
Elisabeth Lincot, Bulleuse #6, 2021, Céramique émaillée et verre soufflé, 40 x 39cm
El Tiempo vuela (Bulleuse #6)
Elisabeth Lincot, El Tiempo vuela (Bulleuse #5), 2019, Céramique émaillée, verre soufflé et métal
El tiempo vuela
Elisabeth Lincot, El Tiempo vuela (trophée suspendu), 2019, Céramique émaillée, verre soufflé et métal, Dimensions variables
Elisabeth Lincot, Hirondelle, 2021, céramique émaillée