José Cori’s artworks are a blast of colorful sensations. By picking his subjects in the vast repertory of Art History, he offers to the viewer a vibrant show whose themes call into our own pictorial culture. Henri Bergson used to say “Art aims to imprint feelings in us, rather than to express them”. These are really deep feelings that we experience towards the Chilean artist’s work. Through the use of a corpus of XIXth and XXth century’s masters paintings – Vuillard, Hockney or even Matisse – José Cori rethinks the history of classical painting thanks to a different medium, colored pencils.

José Cori, A conversation with goldfish, 2022, colored pencils on paper, 60 x 40,5 cm. (UNAVAILABLE)
José Cori, David’s turtle, 2022, colored pencils on paper, 60 x 45.5 cm. (UNAVAILABLE)
José Cori, The dance (reproduction) And there is only the dance, 2022, polychrome pencils on paper, 60×40,5cm. (UNAVAILABLE)