2021 : DNSEP ESAAA, Annecy.
2019 : DNAP ESBANM, Nantes.
2018 : Mediator during the first edition of the festival Prisme,
Argentique du futur at Cosmopolis, Nantes,FR.
2018 : Workshop with Hungarian filmmakers Peter Lichter and Bori Maté at Mire (experimental cinema & moving image) image en mouvement), Nantes, FR.

Exhibitions and Publications
2023 : Portraits of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, collective exhibition for the centenary of the Villa Noailles, Hyères.
2022 : Embroidered illustration of the trophy for the 37th edition of FIMPAH, Villa Noailles, Hyères. Broderie Lovers, group exhibition, Villa Noailles, Hyères. Have you seen the flowers of evil, group show, Espace Sylvia Rielle, Paris .

Support Magazine #3 : 2 pages in the 3rd issue of the magazine, Paris.

Portrait of Victor Siret ©Victor Siret